Amina Restaurant is a restaurant and bar in the heart of the old city of Philadelphia, serving up American Southern cuisine. Owner Felicia Wilson and Chef Partner Darryl Harmon are innovators in the Southern cuisine space.

Darryl Harmon, who hails from Gouldtown, NJ in Cumberland County, which is considered the oldest Black community in the U.S., is an award-winning chef formerly of The Lure Group in New York City. He previously served as the Executive Chef at the Water Works Restaurant in Philadelphia between 2007 and 2012.

Felicia Wilson, a multi-talented individual, has established a captivating dining destination in Old City Philadelphia. With African-inspired culinary creations, Amina introduces a unique and unparalleled flavor experience to the area. This is only the start of her remarkable journey.

Join us for a culinary experience that will change the way you enjoy Soul food. Amina is a destination for a fun dining experience serving specialty items such as Cheesesteak Beignets, Oxtails, and a wonderful weekend brunch serving delicacies like Lobster Omelettes and Shrimp and Grits. We look forward to serving you Philadelphia's best soul food experience.